Thursday, June 25, 2009

And the Award Goes to

Kristen, for the best (read: most ridiculous) conversation of the day! It should be noted that she is normally an extremely rational person.

My coworker, Kristen, approaches my desk about a minute after helping a student.

Kris: So... do you get T.B.?
Leah: Why?
Kris: This kid was really wheezy. And his cough was really contained in his lungs.
Leah: Maybe he has a bronchial thing. Or asthma.
Kris: It's been a while since I had a T.B. test...
Leah: It was probably asthma.
Kris: (looks at arm) I should probably get a T.B. test.

On an unrelated note, I have one foreign language requirement to fulfill before I can transfer my credits. I'm thinking fall quarter...Spanish 101...and Monday nights. Oops! Then I'll have to miss FHE for a whole quarter!

I'm (obviously) really broken up about this. Hehehe.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


To all my friends who want me to post more about Montana (you know who you are):

I am busy. You'll have to wait.



p.s. If you can't wait, call me on the phone (ahem...Amy Georgi...)

p.p.s. :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meredith…This Post is For You

There is a reason they call it “Big Sky Country”. I spent five days in Montana, and by the end I was still marveling at the beautiful scenery! Pictures can not do this trip justice! I took some video with A LOT of unsteady camera holding (I apologize in advance) and a few pictures (by “few” I mean roughly 300…and Sarah took the same). There was much mocking (by us and Julie), and many humorous phrases were uttered. Some repeat offenders were:

“The plane was really small, Julie.” (A propeller plane with twenty rows…and on the way back an even smaller plane.)

"Do you have your card?"
(Julie joked that this would be the title of our trip. I'm talking SD cards here; one for Sarah and one for me.)

“Watch out for that bag; there’s a staple gun in it.” (Not a repeated sentence but one of my favorites. Also, one of the first things Julie said to me in Montana. Oh Julie, how I missed you! :D)

“Well, obviously! We’re not stupid here in Montana!” (Dr. Moore – full story to come later.)

“Do not move the FRICKIN’ camera!” (Again, Dr. Moore.)

“Are you panning, Leah?! No panning!”

Dearest Meredith,

I promise, promise, promise a longer, more detailed, Montana post is coming! When I have a little more time I’ll recount it. :D

H & Ks,

Leah (your most favorite Pearce sister)

p.s. This momentarily gets me off the hook, right? No facial tattoos or crowbars to the kneecaps? ;)

Dearest Julie,

You are the bestest!!! Thank you for letting us come stay with you and showing us the sights in central Montana (tee hee)!!! I had a blast!!! I can’t wait for you to come back!

H & Ks,


p.s. I’m sorry about your poor little finger!!! :D

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And They Died…In a Freak Gasoline Fight Accident

Yesterday was chalk full of funny quotes and conversations, but this one had to be my favorite:

B: I hope I do die in a gang fight on the dance floor, because you know what then he’ll be happy!

S: If you do he’ll just rub it in your cold, dead face.

L: When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way...