Thursday, May 28, 2009

That One Time I Looked Up From My Borscht to Find Lenin Staring Back At Me

This weekend was jam packed. The sun shone. The sky was clear. I attempted to get a tan not once, but twice (unsuccessfully), purchased some smoked fish at the Market (yes, my fridge still smells of fish), got free Jambas (I enjoy living off of other people’s glory), went dancing, shopped for clothes at H & M and of course frequented my (new) favorite eastern European Deli/Market. Oh yes. This was the best moment of the weekend (this should be obvious to you). Not only did I enjoy browsing through a veritable jungle of pickled mushrooms, cucumbers (the generic “pickle” to the unfamiliar), and eggplant, but I came face to face with a rather large painting of Lenin. There I was: browsing, smelling some lovely borscht and BAM! Lenin. For the less intelligent folk out there (or just ignorant beyond all reason), I am referring to Vladimir Lenin (the first head of the Soviet State circa 1917) not John Lennon (the Beatle). The painting looked a little something like this:

Only a little less brooding and constipated. A kinder, happier Lenin.

On a completely unrelated note…I just purchased this:

The Kodak Zi6 Pocket Camcorder (in black, thank you very much). With this new gadget I will be able to record Sarah learning how to fly fish, hiking, playing, laughing, etc. Get ready for A LOT of Sarah footage, that’s all I’m saying.

(The disembodied voice in the background, however, will be mine.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Won’t Be Buying Milk in Lewistown

We’re trekking over to Montana in a few weeks to visit Julie (Hi Julie!), and I decided to google the town (pictures etc) for a little sneak peek. I discovered that Lewistown is pretty cute!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

A few of our planned adventures include:

Floating down the river.
Fly fishing.
Probably watching a few episodes of Psych.
Going to church (still a little grumpy about this. I'm only agreeing to Sacrament meeting ;D).
Going out to dinner.
Meeting people I've been hearing so much about.
Taking lots of pictures (I'm even going to bring my really, really nice camera)!
Giggling (yes, this is a planned "adventure").

A few things I've learned about Lewistown from Julie:

They only have one grocery store (Albertsons)and their milk is really expensive (and expires quickly).
There is a statistical possibility that I'll either have a baby or an appendectomy while I'm there.
Someone might ask me/assume I am pregnant.
They have a great Gelato shop. Interesting, yes? The population is just over 5000.

A few things I want to do while there:

Shear a sheep (yes, shear a sheep).
See a cute cowboy (just to look at...I don't need to touch one).
Try on Cowboy boots (er, cowgirl boots).
Shock some Lewistownians by wearing a bikini while floating down the river.
Bar hopping (haha) in Lewistown or Billings (oh we're gonna get our dance on...yeah).
Reenact this photograph:

(Julie, do you know where we can find a horse and a gun?)

And (last but not least) locate and high five the creator of this sign:

Montana here we come! :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Miss Sean

No, this is not a soppy, “I miss my soon-to-be-married ex-roommate(s)” post. This is more along the lines of, “Now that I don’t have a boy over at my house all the time I have to clean out my own damn storm drain” post. I’m not the type to call up the Elder’s Quorum every time I need a little favor (I’ve moved five people in the last six months without male assistance, thank you very much), but standing in stagnant water scooping out leaves, dirt, sand (?) and Lord knows what else from the drain in front of my garage with a slotted spoon that I’ll NEVER be able to use in my kitchen again (while being attacked by the largest wolf spider I’ve seen in recent memory) is NOT my idea of a good night.

But, I did it. By myself.

Dear Designers of Aforementioned Storm Drain,

I am beginning to hate you with a fiery passion I had previously reserved only for dictators and bratty Mormon girls from Idaho or Utah (you know the ones I mean).



p.s. Remember that time Sean flung storm drain gunk onto the windshield of the neighbor that ALWAYS blocked Sarah and me in? Yeah, that was a good time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keeping It Funky

My favorite performance last night...

I love this one (absent from last night, unfortunately)...

And this just makes me laugh...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Someone said something to me recently that made me enormously grateful for my family and especially my parents. My parents raised me right; politeness, kindness, charity, intelligence and respect were always praised in our house. I know that I deserve the respect of others, and generally I receive it. Why? I earn respect. I demand respect. I demand that people (and by “people” I mostly mean men) treat me well; I don’t let people talk to me disrespectfully, dismissively, arrogantly…at least for very long. ;) Why? I respect myself! I am proud of who I am (generally speaking; everyone has their moments) and the experiences that have helped form my character. My parents instilled in me a love for myself; a confidence that is not easily shaped or built. I do not expect that everyone will like or be friends with me, but I expect them to treat me well. If they don’t, well that’s their problem.

Most women don’t learn these things, apparently. And I feel so sad for them.

From my mom I have learned faith, openness, friendliness, hope (I admit I struggle with that one) and to always trust my instincts. She has taught me that I have more strength than I realize and more power than I know. From my dad I have learned kindness, patience, wit, trust and the importance of hard work. Both of them have taught me how important a sense of humor is (especially during hard times), that my intelligence is one of the most valuable possessions I own, the importance of knowledge and constant learning, that I should stand up for myself (within reason), forgiveness and (most importantly) love.

Thanks (in most part) to them, I have a healthy body image, a non-destructive relationship with men (thank you, thank you, thank you), an appreciation for art, music, literature and British television/film, and the strength to never settle for a man who is less than what I deserve. I also have a filthy temper, a stubborn head, and a penchant for Italian meats, cheeses and olives that I’m trying to curb…slightly.

Dear Mom and Dad,

You’re the best! (I really mean that.)


Leah (your favorite child)

p.s. Oh! And thanks for giving me my good looks. Those help too! :D

I'm cute, aren't it?! ;)