Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reality Bites

So, I've really been on a nostalgic nineties kick recently. It began (more or less) when I heard a long forgotten Veruca Salt song on the radio. Then we had Twin Peaks, and just last night I saw Reality Bites for the first time in roughly fifteen years (let's pause for a moment here...this movie came out SEVENTEEN YEARS ago...okay, continue). It was not as good as I remembered (ie middling), but it did have a few redeeming moments.

1) Janeane Garofalo. I know, I know, she's caustic and annoying but I've always had a little soft spot for her. Probably because she's sarcastic, bitchy and unapologetically opinionated. Gotta respect that.

2) The terrible nineties fashions! Winona Ryder wears a dress that "looks like a doily". Without a bra. I'm so pleased I am an adult in 2011, instead of 1994.

3) This scene.

4) Low key Steve Zahn. He's adorable in this as the in the "still in the closet" gay friend. What happened to him?

On another note...I had a crush on Ethan Hawke after I saw this movie. After I saw THIS movie. In case you don't remember, he's kind of a prick to Winona Ryder...and greasy...and gross. In my defense I was only fourteen when this came out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today at work

Favorite conversation:

EP: I just showed Leah my finger techniques!
MT: (glances at me) I think you're going to need to elaborate.

Also, at one point today a man said, "Oooh it's getting hot in here!" and took off his shirt for me. True story. Ask Ed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010



You, how did you get so wise?
I take the advice I find in your eyes.
Me, I’ve been waiting outside
Most of my life,
Oh like a rare b-side.

I’m just making you mixtapes with homemade covers.
Analog to show we’re lovers,
And here under the jacket folds inside,
I’ve taped my heart for you to find.

To find the perfect way,
Which album to say,
I la la love you.
With this plastic cassette,
It’s not finished yet,
It’s gonna tell you slowly.

I’m just making you mixtapes with homemade covers.
Strings and drawings show we’re lovers,
When you’re driving around in the summertime,
To hear again, just press rewind.

Rewind, the world comes to an end,
Turns over again,
Another 1000 times.
But me, I’ll be the same.
No, I never change,
Oh, like a rare B-side.

I’ll be making you mixtapes with homemade covers.
Analog to show we’re lovers,
So much rock and roll love in a plastic case,
Play it loudly, see my face.
I’m just making you mixtapes with homemade covers,
Mazzy Star, Donovan’s Colors,
Just an audio love letter painted blue,
I spent all day making for you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shout Out to Elisa*

BP: Have you ever noticed how alike Leah and Anthony are?
AP: (to me) Did you hear that nice compliment Mom gave you?
ME: You just mispronounced "insult".*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"You eat that steak..."

BG: He's, uh, really looking like an old man in this.
ME: You take that back; he's hot.
SP: (using sexy voice) That's how we like them...elderly.
BG: Like in a nursing home?
ME: Cut it out...
SP: (still sexy) Gary Oldman.
SP: ...and Bill Nighy...
ME: Ew.

*For the record we were talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan in "The Losers".

See, yummy. Bob, don't be a hater. ;)


The night that innuendos came out to play...

SP: (using her "sexy" voice) Oooh yeah, you eat that...meat. (pause) Eat all the meat on your plate, yeah. (using her normal speaking voice) I'm trying to decide what meat is the meatiest.

SP: I'm gonna tap that and then I'm gonna tap that again...and then I'm gonna get out a tambourine and tap that...


I'm going to MAUI on Thursday!! Woohoo!! I'm so excited, can you tell?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whitney says, "Try hard not to blink your eyes because a lovely tickle of a year and a half will slip between your fingers. "

You can say that again! My darling girl is coming back on Friday; can you say excited? ;)

Isn't she adorable?

Just in time for the summer! Aaaaaahhhh...we're gonna have lots of funsies!!

You'll see tons of pictures just like this!

I've missed you sweetie!! Can't wait to hear the stories!!