Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's get serious, folks.

I ran across the image on a blog I follow, and it really spoke to me. As women we relate our self-image to what men think of us. I see it with my friends, I see it in myself, and it's very self-destructive. If you are made to feel inferior by someone, you have two options. 1) Tell them and see if they change (after all, maybe it's unintentional), or 2) Sever contact. Remaining "friends" with someone that treats you poorly, and makes you question who you are, is not healthy. It doesn't matter if you think this guy is "the one", or if you've invested time and energy into the situation. No one deserves to feel worthless.


Allen said...

I could not agree with this blog more. But then again I regularly tell you you're awesome so I am just glad that means you won't be severing contact with me any time soon :)

PS you're beautiful.

R* said...

ditto to your post, and ditto to Allen. it's just tough severing contact, however unhealthy the ol' brain may be!

Ivy R. Hendrickson said...

Girls hang on to peter-pan guys for way too long, that's a lesson I wish I had learned earlier, but the good news is, when you find the right one, they are totally worth hanging on to! :D